Data Integration and ETL

IME is providing data integration tools and project implementations for different types of customers/industries including both batch (ETL) integration and Real time integration. IME is providing the market leaders tools and the best practice implementation depends on its very high experienced and skilled team. Around 50 customers in Middle East and Africa (MEA) are depending on IME team and tools for their Data Integration projects. The list includes, but not limited to, Riyad Bank, Al-Inma Bank, Al-Rajhi Bank SAMBA, Saudi Hollandi Bank, Bank Al-Bilad, SAPTCO, Al-Elm, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Labor, King Faisal Specialized Hospital (Saudi Arabia), OOREDOO, Hamad Medical City, Qatar Airways (Qatar), DU, Mashriq Bank, Emirates NBD Bank, Emirates Airlines, Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (UAE), MTN (Nigeria), Etisalat (Egypt), Asiacell (Iraq), Nawras, Ministry of Health (Oman), Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Stock Exchange, OOREDOO Kuwait (Kuwait), Banglalink (Bangladesh), Mobilink (Pakistan), Tunisiana (Tunis), etc.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Along with its partners, IME is providing the Data Integration related projects including Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects. IME team works with the world wide data warehouse appliances providers such as EMC2 and Teradata and have implementations on other databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL. In addition, IME is working with most of BI tools providers to provide the best reporting and dash board’s facilities.

Operational Data Store (ODS)

As part of related projects, IME is providing the near real time integration projects related to creating Operational Data Stores (ODS). The list of customers includes Riyad Bank, Bank Al-Bilad (Saudi Arabia) and MTN (Nigeria).

Data Migration

As part of the big projects, IME is providing the Data Migration tools and implementation to allow large organizations to move toward the IT latest technologies.

Big Data

IME is providing the tools and experience that is used in the implementation of Big Data projects. This includes also the projects related to reading from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Metadata Management

IME is providing the tools and implementation for Metadata Management projects. References includes Al-Inma Bank, Riyad Bank, Al-Elm, Ministry of Labor (Saudi Arabia), DU and Mashriq Bank (UAE).

Data Quality

Data Quality is a main issue for a lot of organizations in Middle East and Africa, especially in the areas of customers and products data. IME is providing Data quality tools and implementations to help its customers to reach the right value of the information. List of customers includes Riyad Bank, Al-Inma Bank, Al-Rajhi Bank (Saudi Arabia), DU and Emirates Airlines (UAE).

Data Governance

One of the major aspects that helps the organizations to focus on its core business and provides the best values/services to its customers is to have an internal organization governance procedures. IT Governance is part of the global organization governance. One of the major aspects of IT governance is the Data Governance that helps the organization to put the right procedures to manage its data and get the maximum value of this data. IME as a key player in the area of Data Management is one of the major Data Governance projects providers in Middle East and Africa. Although, the topic is new to our region and requires a lot of preparations, IME had established already a Data Governance roadmap and procedures in some big organizations such as Al-Inma Bank and Riyad Bank (Saudi Arabia) and working with many other customers to complete their Data governance vision to gain the best values of the data that they have.

Master Data Management (MDM)

IME is providing the world wide certified tools for implementing Master Data Management projects backed-up by an experienced implementation team. The scopes covers multi domains such as customers and products domains. IME has pre-built models for different types of customers including Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications, Health Providers, etc.

Data Archiving & Retirement

IME is a regional market leader in providing the implementations of Database Archiving & Retirements projects. IME is using the best tools to enhance the customer operating production database environments and reduce the cost of storing the production data. The list of customers includes Riyad Bank, STC (Saudi Arabia), Vodafone, Mobinil (Egypt) and MTN (Nigeria). Pre-built packages for Siebel, Oracle e-Business suite, SAP, PeopleSoft are being used to insure best practices.

Data Masking

As part of helping organizations to secure its sensitive data, IME is providing its capabilities to implement a database masking projects. IME methodology is to maintain the data integrity for masked systems/databases. The list of customers includes SAMBA (Saudi Arabia), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (UAE) and First Bank (Nigeria).

Test Data Management

IME is providing the tools and implementation to allow customers to manage their non-production environments data (development, testing, SIT and UAT environments). The tools allows to create subsets of the production data. Sensitive data are being masked or replaced with other scrambled data that gives the same business scenarios, but with non-sensitive data. IME methodology maintains the data integrity. Pre-built packages for Siebel, Oracle e-Business suite, SAP, PeopleSoft are being used to insure best practices.

Data Replication & Synchronization

IME is providing the market leaders tools that allows data synchronization between same or different types of databases in a real time mode. The list of references includes Riyad Bank, Al-Inma Bank (Saudi Arabia), DU (UAE), Kuwait Stock Exchange (Kuwait), Asiacell (Iraq), Etisalat, Banque Du Caire and Credit Agricol (Egypt)

Collibra Data Governance

Data Managment has become a critical business process. New business applications are needed to support this process. Collibra Data Governance Center covers all key data governance functions: Business Semantics Glossary: The core business meaning (business and data definitions, critical data attributes, KPIs, metrics, etc.) Reference Data Accelerator: Coordinated control around your key reference data Data Stewardship Manager: Practical management of data stewards and their more advanced as- sets: policy management, business rules, data quality issues, data sharing agreements, data steward support, configurable as well as out of the box workflows, etc. Collibra is driven by customer success. By single-mindedly focusing on data governance programs, together with our customers and partners, our organization has gathered valuable best practices and expertise on what makes a data governance program successful. As a result, we have designed a set of very targeted service offerings that could support our customers in every phase of the lifecycle. Collibra focusses on automating data management processes by providing business-focused applications where collaboration and ease-of-use come first. We believe traditional data management vendors don't have the expertise and company DNA to solve this problem. Collibra Data Governance center is one of the market leaders in data governance area as per Forester. Collibra's Data Governance Center (DGC) is purpose built for data governance and therefore entirely covers all of the components of the outlined data governance system. Unlike many other -mostly technically oriented- platforms in the market, Collibra focusses on people and process around business and data assets, which is in essence what these components are all about.